The Community Soluition to Gang Violence

Like many communities throughout Canada, the Greater Edmonton area is faced with the challenge of how to deal with gangs and gang violence. In response to growing gang activity, the Community Solution to Gang Violence (CSGV), was formed. Comprised of a diverse cross section of private citizens, community organizations and all levels of government, CSGV is committed to work collaboratively on a strategic, community-wide approach to address the issue of gangs and gang violence and make the Edmonton and surrounding area free from gang violence.

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Sonny is 15 years old and is living with his father and step mother in the central part of the city. His neighbourhood is made up of apartment buildings, townhouses and some single house dwellings. For the most part the neighbourhood is considered to be low-income/working class and the majority of people live in rental units. His father is unable to work due to his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which makes it very difficult for him learn  and function in a structure and his step-mother …more